Opening Hours

Closed for a short while.
We hope to be back soon.

The next chapter/brave new world

Dearest customers, authors, publishing colleagues,

It will come as little surprise that, due to the unprecedented and alarming health crisis, we are temporarily closing our bookshop.

No, there won’t be over the counter chats, but there will still be recommendations and repartee over Twitter and Instagram…it’s just that you won’t be able to buy them from us right now

Who would ever had thought that it would come to this, but, like every great thriller on our shelves, the ending will be unguessable

My money is on ‘and they all lived happily ever after’

It’s been our pleasure, privilege and joy to know you and to serve you

(and please don’t worry about the Bookshop Goldfish, they’re coming home with me)



Posted on 23rd March 2020