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Smells like bookshop spirit

For Proust it was the taste of a madelaine, for many of us it is the smell of beloved books that instantly whisks us back to a key time or place. We’ve lost count of the times that customers enter our little shop, inhale deeply and sigh ‘Ahh, the smell of a bookshop!’

So it is good news, indeed, that we’re teaming up with local candlemakers,  Apothecary Essence, to launch our very own candle!

Bookshop Magic is available in two sizes, slim novella (if you will) at £5 and family saga at £10 and is heady with the scent of jasmine, rose and chamomile. ‘But, is that what the shop actually smells like?’ you might ask. Well it is now!

Posted on 3rd May 2018