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As a mother whose children have now grown up, I can still recall the utter tedium of reading aloud to them books they’d been given and liked, but which I very much disliked for one reason or another.

So, I make it my mission to recommend picture books that I really enjoy reading and children, whether my own, years ago, or visitors at Storytime here (remember those, pre Lockdown, sigh?) also get a buzz out of. Here’s a mere selection of the very fine books on offer, all beautifully imagined and exquisitely illustrated.

while the shop is closed, you can order via & have safely delivered to your home…or that of a tiny friend if birthdays etc on the horizon:

Wow Said The Owl, Tim Hopgood.

Adorable guide to colours for the very young & story of a little owl who stays awake to see daytime colours for the first time. Yet to meet a toddler who didn’t enjoy joining in with ‘Wow!’ refrain!

Mr Brown’s Bad Day, Lou Peacock/Alison Friend

Mr Brown is a very busy tiger business man who, in the course of a very hectic day, loses his briefcase & has to ask lots of animals to help him find it. But what can possibly be inside a tiger’s briefcase? You’d be *very surprised*


Weasels, Elys Dolan

A perennial favourite here: madcap adventure as a bunch of weasels invent machine to help them take over the world. Only problem is that it’s not working. The reason why? Wait and see. It’s a corker. Delightfully bonkers with loads to look at on each page


Up The Mountain Path, Marianne Dubuc

Heart-meltingly lovely book for littlies and their nursery/reception/years 1 and 2 siblings. We are in love with this heavenly little book about the friendship between a badger and a young cat who like to take country strolls together and observe nature


Oh No George, Chris Haughton

Vivid, computer generated illustrations really elevate this story of George, an energetic dog who means well, but can’t help being led by the nose into all sorts of trouble. Can he be good? Kids love to shout ‘Oh no George!’ as the big hearted pup learns a lesson


Whiffy Wilson The Wolf Who Wouldn’t Wash, Caryl Hart, Leonie Lord

This sweet little tale of friendship and personal hygiene is pretty unique and beautifully told and illustrated. It’s also a pleasure to read as it’s written in rhyme and has a perfect message of keeping clean to avoid bugs..which has even greater relevance in a time of pandemic





Posted on 30th March 2020