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Wish you were here

Thursday 28th November 2019

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Meet Tom Jackson, the man behind the charm, eccentricity and humour of Postcard From The Past

Dear customer,

we hope this finds you well & that you’re free on 28 Nov at 7.30 when Tom Jackson, better known as the man behind Postcards from The Past, will be dropping in to tell us all about his unfeasibly large collection of vintage postcards and explain just what it is about holidays when it was ‘nice enough to sit out in’ and trips round rainy, dismal coastal towns of England with your mum and dad that touches a tender place in all our hearts…and then, of course, there are the caravan parks.

The past, as they say, is indeed another country.

Join us to take a trip around the A roads of yore, and so much more. Free entry. Email or call to book your place.

See you soon, love, your bookshop