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Take Nothing With You but the book

Tuesday 2nd April 2019

The photo for Take Nothing With You but the book

Hear the wonderful Patrick Gale talking about his new paperback, a tender coming of age novel

Few are the novels that really reach inside and touch you at the deepest level. Even fewer still are those that can make you laugh and also set your bottom lip trembling (no, really, I just have something in my eye).

No surprise then, that Patrick Gale‘s beautifully observed Take Nothing With You is one of our recent big big favourites. Ten year old Eustace, is a central character to treasure, on the brink of self-discovery in the 1970s and desperate to decode the realities of hero worship and the complexities of adult behaviour. Through his eyes we encounter love, rejection and humility as his daily music lessons bring him some emotional release and he explores a bright, heady, creative scene, worlds away from his parents’ tense marriage and their dreary existence running an old peoples’ home in Weston Super Mare.

So we are delighted to invite you to meet Patrick and hear him talk about this fabulous novel at 7.30 on April 2nd.

Entry is free, but please do book ahead via or 0207 431 3770