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One bookshop, two authors & a whole lot of deadly ambition

Tuesday 5th June 2018

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Discuss killer ambitions with bestselling authors Sarah Vaughan and Lucy Atkins

Expect an evening of secrets, lies, betrayal and counter-betrayal when authors Sarah Vaughan and Lucy Atkins join forces to offer us an evening of killer ambition on June 5 at 7.30 when they visit to discuss their brilliant and much talked-about bestsellers, Anatomy of a Scandal and The Night Visitor respectively.

While different in tone and scope–Scandal plays out in Whitehall/Oxbridge/Old Bailey and pivots on inherited privilege, Westminster croneyism, political marriage, sexual assault and revenge, The Night Visitor is set in the apparently glossy perfection that is the world of a successful TV historian and academic and poses the question: what lengths would you go to to protect your career, family and reputation, when writing and researching a bestselling biography takes her right into Daphne du Maurier territory. The common feature of both novels is dark ambition, precision engineered plotting and psychological drama of the most fiendishly addictive nature.

Entry to the talk is free, but please book via 0207 431 3770/