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Double troubled

Thursday 9th April 2020

The photo for Double troubled

Two of our favourite authors & two of 2020’s hottest chillers

The last time we encountered bestselling authors Sarah Vaughan and Lucy Atkins, they were talking about Anatomy Of A Scandal and The Night Visitor respectively, both brilliantly written and fiendishly plotted elegant psychological thrillers. Both went on to become bestsellers and we’ve loved recommending and selling them ever since.

Double delighted then to welcome them back, once again sharing the billing on our Guilty Mothers evening when they will be discussing their outstanding new novels, Magpie Lane from Lucy and Little Disasters from Sarah. Magpie Lane is set in Oxford and once more, Lucy assembles a cast of eccentric outsiders for an eerie du Maurier-esque story which pits Town v Gown as the child of a leading academic goes missing. Sarah’s novel, meanwhile, focuses on the moral dilemma of a doctor who has to treat a  friend’s baby while on duty in casualty and develops grave concerns over how its injuries may have been sustained.

NB Please note that this is now a Twitter Live event. To take part/listen, make sure you’re following our Twitter feed at @WELBooks