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Don’t miss out, get Locked In!

Thursday 26th September 2019

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20% off everything, free drinks, great company!

It’s big, it’s back and it’s beautiful! Yes, it’s time for another Bookshop Lock In, where you can enjoy 20% off all books and stationery, complimentary drinks and that oh so special bookshop party atmosphere.

No need to book, just turn up at 7.30pm on 26 Sept  and stock up on books and bonhomie! If you’re not free that night, just email us on the day and you can reserve or order books and still claim the discount

Posted on 26th September 2019

Welcome to Planet Football

Monday 30th September 2019

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Follow the intersection of the beautiful game with money and power in The Age Of Football

For one evening we’ll be leaving the world of club football briefly behind to look at the global phenomenon of football with award winning sports writer and broadcaster David Goldblatt who will be talking about his indepth, original and mesmerising book The Age Of Football on 30 Sept at 7.30pm.

A masterful and mesmerising exploration of society, politics and economics, the book charts  football’s phenomenal ascent, its economic power and politicisation, and presents a startling portrait of the 21st century through the prism of the game, from prisons in Uganda, footballing presidencies in South American and even the Arab Spring.

Entry is free, but please book via



Posted on 30th September 2019

House & garden, secrets & lies

Thursday 3rd October 2019

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The Garden Of Lost And Found: Harriet Evan’s family saga will keep you in its beautiful grip

Calling all fans of the big, beautiful, evocative family saga: make a date with us this autumn and discover the gorgeous and enthralling Garden of Lost and Found and you’ll be happily (and occasionally tearfully) turning the pages well beyond bedtime.

Author Harriet Evans will be here at 7.30 on 3 Oct to talk about the novel that critics have called ‘addictive’, ‘spellbinding’ ‘brimming with flowers and paintings, courage and loss’ and we’ve called ‘beautifully untputdownable’

Entry is free, but please book via or on 0207 431 3770

Posted on 3rd October 2019

Ring The Hill, ring the bells: Tom Cox returns!

Thursday 17th October 2019

The photo for Ring The Hill, ring the bells: Tom Cox returns!

One of our favourite writers gets intimate with the great outdoors

Tom Cox has some of the most ardent fans in the literary world and it’s not hard to see why: we too love his candid and intimate relationship with the natural world, family traditions and folklore, laced with warmth and wit, and we’re delighted to welcome him back to the bookshop at 7.30 on October 17th when he’ll be talking to us about his latest book, the delightful Ring The Hill, his treatise on some of his favourite uplands and a breath of pure oxygen for the reader. Entry is free, but please book if you’d like to guarantee a seat via

Posted on 17th October 2019

The Pride, without prejudice

Monday 4th November 2019

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Women’s football: Carrie Dunn knows the score

Hands up if this year’s Women’s World Cup had you glued to the TV while simultaneously thinking ‘They *really are* good/they could teach the guys a thing or two?’

Award winnings sports writer Carrie Dunn is an expert on women’s football and she’ll be joining us on 4 Nov at 7.30 to pose the question: is women’s football in England really growing  from top to bottom or is it all just PR?

Carrie’s latest book, The Pride of The Lionesses, provides a timely analysis of the women’s game, looking at the national team’s drama-laden prep for this summer’s tournament, the FA upheavals which brought renewed moving of goalposts within the game, and looks at what’s next for the sport.

Entry is free, but please book ahead to guarantee your place via or 0207 431 3770

Posted on 4th November 2019

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