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The Lost Man

by Jane Harper
The book cover for The Lost Man by Jane Harper

Thriller writer ratchets up the heat



Just when you thought that it was impossible for Australian journalist-turned-thriller writer Jane Harper to be any hotter,  she turns up the heat this February with the publication of her third–and quite possibly best–Outback chiller.

No one quite does sense of place like Harper and The Lost Man sizzles with the barren heat of its bleak setting among the vast farms of the Outback where the sun’s heat is most definitely not a pleasure and isolation can send a man over the edge.

The story pivots on the discovery of an Outback farmer’s body in the most most god forsaken of locations. It’s not such a mystery: his brothers know that if you get stranded out there with no water and no car, it’ll only be a matter of time before you fry. The only thing is, his car is parked and fully functional a matter of metres away and its also loaded to the gills with food and water.

When the victim’s black sleep and social outcast brother Nathan begins to examine his brother’s life, he finds that dim echoes of both their pasts are beginning to resonate once more and that his already fractured family might shatter from ramifications that turn sibling relationships on their heads

Posted on 14th January 2019