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The Golden Rule

by Amanda Craig
The book cover for The Golden Rule by Amanda Craig

A richly threaded magic carpet ride of a novel

When newly single mother Hannah meets Jinni on a train they have the wreckage of their respective marriages in common, but while the former is trying to see her way through the damage, the latter is hell bent on revenge and looks set to lure Hannah into a deadly swap-plot. So far, so Highsmithian. But author Amanda Craig has much more on her mind than mystery and this follow up to her fantastic state of the nation novel The Lie of The Land has similarly broad ambition, moving from thriller into contemporary literary fiction and with a dusting of fairy tale magic, she weaves her various threads into a deeply satisfying read. Will the ‘Haves’ have it all? You’ll have to read it to find out!

Posted on 24th April 2020