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Tell Me How It Ends

by V.B Grey
The book cover for Tell Me How It Ends by V.B Grey

London. 60s. Showbiz.

Writing for the first time as V.B.Grey, Isabelle Grey, opens the action in early 60s London showbiz where a singing icon Delia Maxwell is on the verge of a new Hollywood acting career when a young fan insinuates herself into her idol’s life and announces she is the daughter she gave up for adoption after the war.

While clearly having some skeletons lurking in her past, Maxwell eagerly accepts the fan’s story and, much to the surprise of her coterie, not only welcomes the teenager into her life with apparently very few questions, but also helps launch her into a similar show business career even as alarm bells are ringing load and clear among her friends.

As her daughter’s burgeoning career threatens to derail her own, Maxwell is forced to look back into some painful truths about her past in War time Hungary.

Tell Me How It Ends beautifully evokes both the struggle for survival and reinvention in lives of post War refugees and the glamour of the world on the cusp of the huge changes of the 60s








Posted on 11th May 2020