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Magpie Lane

by lucy atkins
The book cover for Magpie Lane by lucy atkins

An exceptional and elegant psychological chiller

Lucy Atkins can lay claim to the title of Queen of Frissons with Magpie Lane, this outstanding follow up to The Night Visitor, itself one of our go-to psych thrillers.

It’s a gamble setting anything in Oxford, it’s so over utilised, but Lucy pulls it off with pure class. It’s the perfect setting for this elegant and deeply unsettling slow burner of a meditation on what us is to belong, the dispossessed  v the vulgar carelessness of Privilege.

Fate brings a drifting, brilliant nanny into the lives of an over privileged couple, he the monstrously self regarding Master of a college and she a vacuously vain interiors stylist (both fabulously grim darkly comic figures). Their child is near mute and deeply disturbed after the death of her mother, the Master’s first wife. The nanny is drawn into her macabre world, but when the child goes missing, questions emerge about her mysterious background. Deliciously du Maurieresque, an exceptional novel

Posted on 27th March 2020