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Madame Zero

by Sarah Hall
The book cover for Madame Zero by Sarah Hall

The most astounding collection of short stories I have read.

Haunting, surreal and moving – Madame Zero by Sarah Hall has to be among the greatest collection of short stories that is out at the moment. Every story leaves you feeling differently, from concern about a certain character to relief and then excitement. This is a treasure trove of vivid, lyrical text that takes you on to a deeper level and leaves you thinking about the stories for days after.

In these stories we meet a woman who has turned into a fox (much to her husbands confusion), a feral child, a man surviving in post apocalyptic Britain and a woman with a brain tumour to name but a few. Each story offers up different emotions and leaves the reader wanting more after having a brief glimpse into these characters lives.

At only £12.99 for nine stories this is an absolute steal and I would advise anyone who is looking for short stories to read this. You will not be disappointed.

Posted on 13th October 2017 in