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Everyone’s talking about Remain Silent

by Susie Steiner
The book cover for Everyone’s talking about Remain Silent by Susie Steiner

Susie Steiner’s inimitable creation Manon Bradshaw returns in the form of her life

To read a Manon Bradshaw literary thriller by West Hampstead bestselling author Susie Steiner is to fall hard for this endearingly human, sharp, funny, fallible policewoman. In Manon Susie has created a 360-degree community of the police as fully formed individuals not just the world weary coppers that inhabit many a lesser procedural.

Remain Silent opens with a now 40-something Manon married and consigned to running cold cases. And while a slower professional pace has its appeal to woman balancing life with a toddler and a teenager, Manon certainly doesn’t feel she ‘has it all’, the marriage is already creaking and life feels a lot less than rosy.

Even a stroll with her child isn’t a walk in the park, when Manon discovers the body of a Lithuanian swinging, lifeless, from a tree. Is it suicide or murder? There are clues, but nothing is obvious and Manon’s anything but cold case takes her on a literal and metaphorical journey into the bleak world inhabited by migrant gang workers and their clients.

That Manon Bradshaw is one of the finest characters in crime fiction is hardly news. That Remain Silent ranks as the best in Susie Steiner’s trilogy, certainly is and will grab headlines for all the right reasons

Posted on 22nd May 2020