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A match made in heaven: bookshop welcomes hens and, er…eggs

The beauty of being independent (part 8 million) is that you can have an idea and then…make it happen. No filling out forms in triplicate or presentations to the board for us!

With that in mind, we’re delighted to invite you to consider the following new chapters of the history of bookshop events: Hen Parties and Baby Showers…the two might even be connected, or even booked at the same time.

For the former, we’d be happy to open the shop privately for hen parties of 10 and above for discounted browsing evenings with gratis bubbles and nibbles; similar number parties welcome for Baby Showers, which not only includes discounted books to build babies’ and parents’ libraries, but also complimentary drinks and nibbles and gift for the baby.

As both are new events for us, we’d be happy to brainstorm any further ideas or suggestions you might have. Contact us via Twitter (@WELBooks) or

A small booking fee will be charged for both events

Posted on 12th August 2019