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Bookshops, bodies and getting away with murder

Thursday 26th March 2020

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Investigate A Body In The Bookshop with author Helen Cox

We’ll come clean: we love a spot of crime fiction and our mighty thriller book group, West End Lane Crooks, regularly investigates the best of the genre, from golden age classics, through Scandi Noir, psychological, hardboiled etc, but there is always a special and warm, fuzzy place in our hearts for that most British of things, the cosy crime novel.

So we were delighted to come across Helen Cox, whose novels are set in her native York, and her librarian sleuth Kit Hartley. And as her latest is set in a bookshop how could we possibly not invite her to speak?

Well we couldn’t, so please join us for the delightful evening of feel-good crime when Helen pops in to talk about A Body In The Bookshop on March 26th at 7.30pm

Entry is free, but please book your place via 0207 431 3770 or