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Walls came tumbling down: when pop took on politics

Monday 22nd May 2017

The photo for Walls came tumbling down: when pop took on politics

Join us this May to hear of the days when pop raged against the machinery of politics

Join us on 22nd May at 7.30 when author Daniel Rachel will be in conversation with fellow writer and social commentator Travis Elborough. The topic? Daniel’s timely study of the period in the late 70s-early 90s when UK ┬ápop became political and movements such as Rock Against Racism, Red Wedge and 2-Tone flourished.

Walls Come Tumbling Down brings together interviews with the key players in the period when musicians and fans became instigators of social change and features in depth conversations with Billy Bragg, Tom Robinson, Tracey Thorn, Jerry Dammers, Robert Elms and Neil Kinnock.

Daniel was previously responsible for Conversations With Great British Songwriters, a Guardian and NME Book of The Year. Travis has been dubbed ‘one of Britain’s finest pop historians’ by the Guardian and his latest book, A Walk In The Park, The Life and Times of a People’s Institution is out in paperback imminently.

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