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The long & winding road to national identity

Thursday 13th July 2017

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Watling St: join us for travels through Britain and its ever chaning past

Join us on 13th July when author John Higgs will be talking to us about Watling Street, his literary journey along one of Britain’s oldest roads in search of the hidden history that makes us who we are today.

‘We are seeking a better sense of our national identity. Not one that is imposed on us, but one which bubbles naturally out of the land…it is out there waiting for us and, if we head out of the front door and follow the road we will find it. It is an identity fit for those who would live nowhere else…but who wince at jingoism and flag-waving. It should not make anyone proud to be British; it should make them delighted to be British’

The many using the road every day might think it unremarkable, but Watling Street perfectly showcases Higgs’ talent for explaining the present by delving into the quirky, untold stories of the past with wit, flair and an unerring eye for the curious and surprising.

Watling Street is one of those books where you constantly find yourself underlining pithy quotes,’ according to the Bookseller. ‘It’s a compelling study of the origins of our national identity at a time when it’s becoming more complex than ever’

To hear some of these pithy quotes live and discover what it might mean to be British, book for the Watling Street talk , which begins at 730 via 0207 431 3770 /