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The kind worth reading

Thursday 19th January 2017

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It’s big, it’s clever and it’s here. Find out why we’re raving about The Kind Worth Killing

We love that thrill of realising a new author really is as good as the blurb on their book. That’s exactly how we felt when discovering The Kind Worth Killing; US writer ¬†Peter Swanson had managed to fly under our radar with his debut The Girl With A Clock For A Heart, but now we’ve read him, we can’t stop talking about him, so if you like your thrillers on the noir side of Highsmith, join us on Jan 19th at 7.30 when we’re delighted that Peter will be joining us for a talk about TKWK and also his latest hardback, Her Every Fear.

Yes, we are firmly in hairs on the back of the neck territory: Peter’s novels pivot on the dark, dirty and extraordinary back stories of friends and strangers, the girl you happen to bump into in the airport; the family flatswap that Hitchcock could’ve devised. His gift is the creation of slow burn plots that detonate denouements out of a clear blue sky.

Find out what all the fuss is about and join us for what promises to be ¬†fascinating insight into the mind of a multiple thriller writer! Free entry, but please let us know if you’re intending to come