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She shoots, she scores

Tuesday 28th March 2017

The photo for She shoots, she scores

Meet Carrie Dunn, author of the definitive book on women’s football in the UK

Women’s football is on the up and up and after great performances at the Women’s World Cup, interest is growing alongside attendance at Women’s Super League…but will it, can it and should it ever reach the height’s and excesses of the male game? And could they even win the World Cup before the men’s squad?

Author Carrie Dunn spent a year following some of the most celebrated, and not so celebrated, female teams to examine what the future holds for women’s football in the UK. Can the smaller grassroots teams ever compete with the big money teams? Her resulting book, The RoarĀ Of The Lionesses, is the definitive examination of a sport at a fascinating crossroads in its evolution.

We’re delighted that Carrie will be in the shop at 7.30pm 28 March to talk to us about the Lionesses and women’s football in general. It’s free entry so this is one football booking you can anticipate with pleasure