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Location, location, dislocation

Thursday 4th October 2018

The photo for Location, location, dislocation

Meet the author of Our House, the near perfect literary thriller

Picture the scene: nice leafy London street/you’re walking down the path of your house/you’re opening the door/someone else has moved into your home.

On that seismic and zeitgeisty note, Louise Candlish introduces us to the dramatis personae of Our House. Cosy suburban drama it is not, although it plays with the familiar dynamics of middle class life.

Bram and Fi have had their fair share of ups and downs, but they are civilised, intelligent people and even their separation is dignified…so what has gone so catastrophically wrong? Our House impresses with its subtle pacing and a quite stunning series of denouements, all totally unexpected yet feasible.

Rare unanimous thumbs-up from everyone who’s read it here, but now you can judge for yourselves when Louise visits to talk about the paperback edition of Our House on Oct 4 at 7.30. Entry free, but please book your place.