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I spy your next favourite author

Wednesday 15th February 2017

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Your introduction to Mick Herron, the writer hailed as the next John Le Carre

He is the writer we cannot stop recommending instore so we are excited to invite you to meet the man heralded by critics as the best contemporary spy writer since Le Carre.

In his Jackson Lamb series, writer Mick Herron has created a brilliant ensemble cast of failed spies. His characters are M15 agents who, in very different ways, have failed to make the grade and are demoted to a seedy backwater in South London to appease their mistakes by carrying out the drudge work of the service.

Sharp as a knife, dark and with flashes of wicked wit, Herron’s books are a hugely satisfying read and can be enjoyed as one-offs and in no particular order. We are on tenterhooks waiting for the next, Spook Street, which will be on sale when Herron visits on 15 Feb at 7.30.

It’s a cliche to describe events or books as must-attend or must-read, but if any were, this is it.

Reserve your free place now and look forward to dropping his name all year