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Get The Party started!

Tuesday 17th April 2018

The photo for Get The Party started!

It’s been described as Brideshead Revisited meets The Talented Mr Ripley. Does Elizabeth Day’s The Party live up to the hype? Yes

Make room in your diary to head here on 17th April at 7.30 when one of our favourite writers will be in conversation with–you guessed it–another of our favourite writers!

Elizabeth Day will be talking about her superlative elegant thriller, The Party, with Susie Steiner, author of Persons Unknown and Missing Presumed. The Party is a story of betrayal, privilege and hypocrisy set in the heart of the establishment. Smart, dark and beautifully paced, the action alternates between the present day which finds outsider anti-hero Martin in a police interrogation room following the eponymous party and the decades back story of his school and university career where his obsession with the lavishly handsome and self assured Ben begins.

Entry is free, but please book via the usual channels