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For the love of Phyllida Law

Wednesday 27th September 2017

The photo for For the love of Phyllida Law

It’s not Luvviestock, it’s Phyllida Law spilling theatrical beans 27 Sept

‘My future mother-in-law burst into tears when she learned her son was to marry an actress,’ says first lady of West Hampstead, the nationally treasured and beyond fabulous Phyllida Law, in her latest book, Dead Now Of Course.

And there’ll be more tears on 27 Sept at 7.30pm, but they will be tears of mirth because Phyllida will be talking about Dead Of Course, her memoir of her early days as a young actress. Find out about Mrs Miller’s digs, the boozy monkey, false eyelashes, flammable costumes and much, much more. Phyllida will be happy to answer questions and sign copies.

Tickets cost £5 in advance. You can pay instore or via 0207 431 3770/