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Cor(vid) blimey! The Ravenmaster cometh!

Thursday 1st November 2018

The photo for Cor(vid) blimey! The Ravenmaster cometh!

Meet the man who rules the roost at the Tower of London

Just as West Hampstead will always always have its own little independent bookshop, so will the Tower Of London always have its ravens.

But, have they always inhabited this most iconic of historic palaces and whose job is it to care for them?

May we introduce Christopher Skaife, aka, the Ravenmaster and Yeoman Warder of the Tower, who will be visiting us to talk about his fascinating book Ravenmaster, My Life With The Ravens At The Tower Of London, a truly unique glimpse behind the scenes of day to day life at the Tower as well as an endearing portrait of his intelligent, witty and occasionally mischievous feathery charges.

Christopher will be here to talk about Ravenmaster on 1 November at 7.30. As always, entry is free, but booking is essential, via 431 3770