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IN which we become preposterous

Monday 23rd October 2017

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Meet satirical superstar author Mr R Sole

We are joining forces with our sister company, literary fiction translation specialist Darf Publishers, to invite you the launch of  the Andalusian satire, The Travels of Ibn Fudayl, by George R Sole at 7pm on October 23

The novel tells the story of an academic who has translated a medieval manuscript. It comes complete with a Foreword, Introduction, Bibliography and copious footnotes that poke fun at the pretentions of academia, while chronicling Ibn Fudayl’s experience in Al-Andalus. In particular, how his search for wisdom leads him to meet the philosopher Al-Homsi, the world’s most ignorant man. It is their friendship and love for worthless knowledge that enables Ibn Fudayl to reach the upper echelons of society.

Please join us for a one-off reading, book signing and Q & A with the intellectually preposterous, Mr R. Sole. Let us know if you’d like to attend by emailing or calling us. Entry is free

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