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Thin Air

by Michelle Paver
The book cover for Thin Air by Michelle Paver

The higher you go, the darker it gets

Thin Air by Michelle Paver is a heart-stopping thrill of a read. Set in Darjeeling 1935 we encounter a group of Englishmen set to be the first group of explorers to conquer the summit of Kangchenjunga – the third highest peak on Earth and the mountain that has claimed most lives.

The story centers around Dr Stephen Pearce who has abandoned his life in London to join his brother on their life long ambition to climb the deadly mountain. The pair and their team follow in the steps of their mountaineering hero Charles Tennant who led a doomed expedition thirty years previously in which only two out of six members of the team returned.

As the team climb Kangchenjuna and ascend into┬áits dizzying heights, Dr Pearce starts to become paranoid. Noises and shadows set him on edge and as the ascent continues so does the discovery of what happened on Charles Tennant’s deadly mission thirty years before.

Thin Air had me reading all day and into the night. I devoured this book in one sitting even though my nerves were completely frayed by the end of it. If you are looking for a thrilling winter read, this is the one for you.



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