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The Sellout

by Paul Beatty
The book cover for The Sellout by Paul Beatty

Booker Prize winning Paul Beatty’s American satire

The current Booker Prize winner is a thought-provoking and outrageously funny novel which examines modern America’s deeply fraught and complex relationship with race. Author Paul Beatty slices open and dissects the journey of a man in a forgotten Californian town who dares to “whisper racism in a post-racial world”.

We follow Beatty’s protagonist as he becomes embroiled in a desperate attempt to put his town and himself back onto America’s map, becoming an unwilling slave-master and reinstating racial segregation in the local school along the way, all in the name of bringing about some real social change.

While his exhausting campaign snowballs and leads him to the Supreme Court, we witness his struggle to make sense of the experience of being a young, poor black man in a white, racist country, what it is to be an outsider at home, to have your place in the world written out of history and to be fighting a fight that everybody claims is already won.

These are themes Beatty examines with sharp intelligence and humour, all the while having his character unsure how much these issues really define him anyway. A satire which is current, lively, laugh out loud funny and incisive. Not to be missed!

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