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Reservoir 13

by jon mcgregor
The book cover for Reservoir 13 by jon mcgregor

The book everyone is talking about

Longlisted for the Booker and winner of The Costa, Reservoir 13 isn’t short of column inches in the press and admirers in the media…but, is it worth the fuss and how readable is it, we ask as the novel finally comes into a paperback edition.

We simply loved it. It’s structurally quite unlike anything I’d read before and, if alarm bells ring at its opening–the quiet of a sleepy Peak District town is shattered when a teenager on holiday goes missing–any fears that you have embarked on a standard procedural are rapidly quelled as Reservoir 13 draws you into its meditative orbit.

Townsfolk join the police in scouring the countryside; the girl is not found and gradually, very gradually, the town returns to its natural rhythm: relationships form and fall apart, families swell and scatter and the natural world simply turns.

Reservoir 13 is a beautiful, enthralling, quietly seismic novel that stays with the reader long after you’ve turned the last page. Its ripples through the mind and insists ‘you will read me again’


Posted on 2nd February 2018