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How Not To Be A Boy

by Robert Webb
The book cover for How Not To Be A Boy by Robert Webb

How not to miss out on signed copies of How Not To Be A Boy by Robert Webb



Stuff you know already: Robert Webb is one of the best people in the world ever. He is also very funny. And very clever. And he’s now written a book with words and stuff about, well, just being him

Stuff you may not yet know: Robert is also one of the kindest and nicest people in the world and, to this end, he is signing a secret stash of copies of How Not To Be A Boy just for us (small, independent bookshop) to sell you people like you.

If you want us to reserve a signed copy for you, just email us at You will need to ring us the week of 21 August to pay for your copy & postage via 0207 431 3770, and, the moment Robert has signed the tottering pile of books, we’ll whizz it in the post you. Simple

Posted on 3rd August 2017