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Her Every Fear

by Peter Swanson
The book cover for Her Every Fear by Peter Swanson

A thriller to keep you reading well into the night.

Well known as a Hitchcock enthusiast—how many other authors can you name who have written a cycle of poems around the legendary screen thrillers?–Swanson’s latest, has shades of Rear Window in the Boston-set story of Kate Priddy, a nervous young British woman who conducts a flat swap with an American cousin she has never met (cue the reader asking ‘really?’ and almost immediately a body is found in the very next door appartment and you can sense the curtains (or blinds, this is well-heeled Boston after all) twitching.

Swanson is becoming something of a master at the well-paced unfurling of characters’ back stories, so as the police begin their investigation into the murder of the young female victim, we learn of why Kate is so very nervy and what exactly might have prompted the timing of her cousin’s flat swap idea.

Gripping enough to keep the reader turning pages well into the night, Her Every Fear is smart and stylish and while comparisons with Highsmith might be just a little over the top, this is only Swanson’s third novel and he is well worth investigating.

Posted on 15th March 2017 in