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Opening Hours
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A red letter day for diarists & doodlers

Picture the scene: it’s Christmas Day and your loved one is opening a gift from you. They gasp as their eyes behold the splendour and temptation of a pristine Moleskine Diary. Oh, the anticipation¬†of everyday pleasure, for as every diarist knows, a Moleskine diary is an exquisite everyday joy!

So what could *possibly* improve your gift?

Only the chance of having your recipient’s name/motto/petname embossed on the cover at absolutely no extra cost…and what’s to stop you creating your own Moleskine for yourself? Nothing!

All you need to do is to call/email/pop in on¬†Friday Dec 8th between 3–7pm when the magical man (or woman) from Moleskine will be here to emboss like, er, a boss. You can have your diary/notebook embossed on the spot or buy and leave to collect later. If you won’t be here or can’t be here we can take advance payment and hold or post to you, wherever you happen to be!

2018’s looking pretty damn good already

Posted on 7th November 2017