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Location, location, dislocation

Thursday 4th October 2018

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Meet the author of Our House, the near perfect literary thriller

Picture the scene: nice leafy London street/you’re walking down the path of your house/you’re opening the door/someone else has moved into your home.

On that seismic and zeitgeisty note, Louise Candlish introduces us to the dramatis personae of Our House. Cosy suburban drama it is not, although it plays with the familiar dynamics of middle class life.

Bram and Fi have had their fair share of ups and downs, but they are civilised, intelligent people and even their separation is dignified…so what has gone so catastrophically wrong? Our House impresses with its subtle pacing and a quite stunning series of denouements, all totally unexpected yet feasible.

Rare unanimous thumbs-up from everyone who’s read it here, but now you can judge for yourselves when Louise visits to talk about the paperback edition of Our House on Oct 4 at 7.30. Entry free, but please book your place.

Posted on 4th October 2018

Few better than Bitter

Thursday 18th October 2018

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It’s set in North London & it is blisteringly good. Discover Bitter with us on 18 Oct

If there’s one thing that we love, it’s a novel set in our part of the world; and when we discover a brilliant debut that is not only set locally, but is startlingly good our interest is really piqued; when we discover it ticks many of our local interest boxes–World War 2, the 1960s, refugees, we’re on the phone to the publisher begging to meet the author.

Luckily for us–and, we hope, you–author Francesca Jakobi is visiting on 18 Oct at 7.30 to talk to us about her novel Bitter, the beautifully observed and occasionally heartbreaking story of Gilda, a German Jewish refugee living in Swiss Cottage in the 1960s; to discover why her life is is shattered and solitary, despite having her son and daughter in law living close by, the novel takes us back to Berlin in the 1930s. The novel’s desolation is illuminated with glimmers of dark humour and, ultimately, hope.

Francesca will be in conversation with bestselling author and Bitter fan Susie Steiner.

Entry is free, but please book via 0207 4312 3770/ /@WELBooks or in the shop!

Posted on 18th October 2018

The return of Tom Cox!

Thursday 25th October 2018

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Spooky stories and unsettling tales from Help The Witch by candlelight!

We are super excited to welcome Tom Cox, one of our favourite writers, back to West Hampstead on 25 Oct at 7.30 when he’ll be bringing a touch of dark magic, folklore and other-worldliness to the bookshop as he talks to us by candlelight about Help The Witch, a beautiful collection of shadowy tales inspired by the natural and unnatural world.

If you’d like to see in Hallowe’en in fine style, book your seat via 431 3770 or pop into the shop. Tickets are £5


Posted on 25th October 2018

Cor(vid) blimey! The Ravenmaster cometh!

Thursday 1st November 2018

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Meet the man who rules the roost at the Tower of London

Just as West Hampstead will always always have its own little independent bookshop, so will the Tower Of London always have its ravens.

But, have they always inhabited this most iconic of historic palaces and whose job is it to care for them?

May we introduce Christopher Skaife, aka, the Ravenmaster and Yeoman Warder of the Tower, who will be visiting us to talk about his fascinating book Ravenmaster, My Life With The Ravens At The Tower Of London, a truly unique glimpse behind the scenes of day to day life at the Tower as well as an endearing portrait of his intelligent, witty and occasionally mischievous feathery charges.

Christopher will be here to talk about Ravenmaster on 1 November at 7.30. As always, entry is free, but booking is essential, via 431 3770

Posted on 1st November 2018

Rotters at the heart of Middle England

Monday 5th November 2018

The photo for Rotters at the heart of Middle England

Our must-see event: Jonathan Coe on Middle England, his finest work to date

Expect literary fireworks on 5 November at 7.30pm when we are wildly excited to welcome one of our favourite authors to West Hampstead to talk about his latest, and we believe, greatest novel to date.

Jonathan Coe will be reading from and answering questions about Middle England, which picks up the fortunes of the now middle aged protagonists of The Rotters Club and their families,  and which will almost certainly become known as the key Brexit novel

Set in the Midlands and London over the last eight years, ME follows this brilliantly vivid cast of characters through a time of immense change and disruption in Britain. There are the early married years of Sophie and Ian who disagree about the future of Britain and, possibly, the future of their relationship; Sophie’s grandfather whose final act is to send a postal vote for the European referendum; Doug, the political commentator, whose young daughter despairs of his lack of political nous and Doug’s Remaining Tory politician partner who is savaged by the crazed trolls of Twitter.

And within all these lives is the story of England itself: a story of nostalgia and irony; of friendship and rage, humour and intense bewilderment.As acutely alert to the absurdity of the political classes as he is compassionate about those who have been left behind, this is a novel Jonathan Coe was born to write. We loved Middle England and can’t wait to share it with you.

As demand for seats is high, we are hosting this talk in the nearby Sherriff Centre in St James Church Sherriff Road. Entry is £5 and you will need to book in advance via the shop or 0207 431 3770/

Posted on 5th November 2018

Nothing Is Real: discuss

Monday 12th November 2018

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Hear David Hepworth on life and the love of pop

Join us on 12 November at 7.30 for a must for all music fans: a fascinating evening with Q/Mojo/The Word/Smash Hits mainman, music journalist David Hepworth, who will be talking about his latest book, Nothing Is Real: The Beatles Were Underrated And Other Sweeping Statements About Pop, a thoughtful and thought-provoking collection of essays on the human side of pop: how it’s made, what it means, the ongoing legacy of The Beatles, the decline of the record shop and a whole lot more.

This is a book for anyone who’s ever loved music: ever ruminated over an album sleeve, lyrics, remembers the days of music papers, the Old Grey Whistle Test and Top Of The Pops, Saturday mornings haunting record shops. Our relationship with pop gets more complicated the longer it goes on and it’s been going on now for 50 years.

This will be David’s third talk at our shop and we feel very lucky to host him as his last two evenings saw passionate debate in a packed shop, so to guarantee that you don’t miss him this time round, reserve your free place now via 0207 431 3770/



Posted on 12th November 2018

Feel the Fierce!

Monday 19th November 2018

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Hear the brave, bold beautiful poetry of women

Immerse yourself in the transformative poetry of women at our She Is Fierce evening on 19 Nov at 7.30 when the Ana Samson, the editor of this beautiful anthology will be joined by two of the featured poets, Chrissie Gittins and Katie Byford, who will be reading and discussing their work and those of others included in the book: from Wendy Cope, Maya Angelou. Helen Dunmore, Alice Oswald to Vita Sackville West, Stevie Smith, Sylvia Plath and many more.

As Angelou noted: ‘I’m a woman phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, that’s me.

to book your free place, pop in the shop or email/call us ( 431 3770)

Posted on 19th November 2018

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17th May 2018

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